Senior Kindergarten

What Do We Teach?

Senior Kindergarten is one of the strongest programs at Bearspaw Christian School, we believe in giving our littlest BCS'ers a strong start!  

Senior Kindergarten is a full-day program that runs two days a week.  There is a Monday / Wednesday program and a Tuesday / Thursday program.  Each of these also has several Friday classes throughout the year.


BCS Elementary - Senior Kindergarten teaching follows the Alberta Curriculum as set out by Alberta Education. Being a Private Independent Christian School allows us the freedom to adapt the curriculum to incorporate a Biblical Perspective - or what we call discipleship-based education. The primary foundation we seek to build at this age is a genuie and authentic love for God as a member of His family.

Senior Kindergarten at Bearspaw Christian School begins with a strong academic program starting on day one!  One of our primary goals in kindergarten is to establish a strong foundation in reading.  PhonoGraphix or Sound Thinking, is the foundation of our Language Arts Program.  We give our students the tools to build on their already existing reading readiness skills, from there we build up.  The program we use is very successful with approximately 85% of our children reading, or just beginning to read, by the end of their Kindergarten year.

Bible Memory Program

In Senior Kindergarten, students will have several biblical themes throughout the school year into which bible memory is incorporated.  Each verse relates to one or more key Bible stories the students learn about.  Senior Kindergarten students will spend one calendar month on each theme and verse. Our desire is that through memorizing verses, talking about what it means, relating it to stories from the Bible, and from their own lives, that these students will come to love and know Jesus in an authentic way.  Students are expected to recite their verse at the end of each calendar month.  We allow one week’s grace if they are still struggling.  By the end of the school year if they have successfully memorized their 9 or 10 verses as well as the Lord’s Prayer, they will receive a Bible Memory Award.

Biblical Worldview

In Senior Kindergarten students will have one Bible class each week for the Monday/Wednesday program, and two for the Tuesday/Thursday program.  The Monday/Wednesday program also participates in our weekly Elementary Chapel.  Each school day, we begin with devotions and prayer and often worship through song as well.  We incorporate both teacher and student-led prayer into our prayer times.

Senior Kindergarten offers a very unique opportunity to incorporate Biblical Worldview into our daily program. As students are still learning how to problemsolve, how to work together, how to be responsible for themselves and to others, and what their rights are, our staff teach students the Biblical principles of the Fruit of the Spirit which students are encouraged to live out through each moment of the day.  

Bearspaw Christian School is strongly involved in missions, and for the Kindergarten level, we have adopted a retirement / nursing home which we will be partnering with several times over the year. This is an awesome way for us to grow in our faith in the community of others!

At Home Reading Program

In Senior Kindergarten, our Home Reading program does not begin until the late winter months. By this time we have finished working through the foundation of our PhonoGraphix program.  Our program runs until the middle of May, it encourages students to take the skills they have learned and put them to use reading!  We offer books for students to take home which range from three and four letter words on a page to sentences.  Parents are encouraged to take books out from the library, or use books they may have at home. We want to celebrate our accomplishments, so for every five books a child reads they receive a small treat!  Also, for every recording book they finish students can choose a small prize. We want every student to be successful, and our qualified team of teachers knows how to help each student achieve their personal best.

What else is there in Senior Kindergarten?

Senior Kindergarten Students have access to our school's library, gym, music room, and computer carts once a week.  Incorporated into the daily routine is also math, socials, science, snack, recess, lunch, stations, centers, and quiet time.  We also have an Early Literacy Aide who works with each child everyday.  Parents partner with the school in a huge way by volunteering in our Senior Kindergarten program - we have at least one parent join our class every day of the week!

Entrance Requirements

All Senior Kindergarten Students are required to complete and follow the BCS General Application Process, including an interview and observation.

Specific Requirements For Senior Kindergarten;

  • Senior Kindergarten is for students who have turned 5 by December 31 of the year they will be enrolled for Senior Kindergarten programs.
  • Senior Kindergarten Students must be able to use washroom facilities independently.
  • It is also important that students can separate from their parent / caregiver without excessive anxiety.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Team.

English As A Second Language (ESL)

BCS Elementary - Senior Kindergarten requires that a registering student must be able to understand / communicate effectively in spoken English in order to be successful in the program.

Parents also need to be able to communicate effectively in English with BCS Staff.