Local Church

Local Church

Bearspaw Christian School places a high-value on the local church, as one of our key partners in impacting this generation for Christ.

Church Matters

We believe the local church is irreplaceable.  In everything we do, Bearspaw Christian School wants to champion the local church as the hope of the world.  We are doing everything we can to communicate the value of the church, teaching students to love the church.  

BCS Doesn't "Compete" With The Church

Bearspaw Christian School will never replace the local church.  We are not trying to replace the local church.  One of our key discipleship agendas is to turn students to and create a love for the church.

How Are We Teaching Students To Love The Local Church?

Bearspaw Christian School challenges its students to serve, and fully participate in the life of their churches.  For all the service hours we are asking our students to be involved in, we ask students to make the church their first priority.  We're serious about this committment, and have asked our small group leaders to keep students accountable in their engagement with the local church.  

Our Committment To Pastors

  • Bearspaw Christian School is committed to loving our youth / children's ministry pastors!
  • We want to love and support our local youth / children's ministry pastors, and are committed to providing resources and being a safe place to talk about emerging youth ministry trends.
  • We want to make our campus open to pastors, to meet with students, to serve our parents.
  • Bearspaw Christian School doesn't compete with other Christian organizations, we think that makes all of us ineffective.  Instead, we're committed to working with the Local Church, bringing our own unique strengths and abilities together in collaboration to advance God's Kingdom.
    • We want to work with Pastors!  Have an idea about how we can do this better?  We'd love to hear from you - drop us an e-mail: mpenner@bearspawschool.com.