Junior Kindergarten

What Do We Teach?

Junior Kindergarten is a place of child-centered and activity-oriented discipleship-based education designed to develop your young child’s spontaneous desire to learn.  A wide-range of activities will help children develop self-confidence as well as help them learn how to get along with others while beginning to observe, experiment, inquire and reconstruct their environment.

Junior Kindergarten is a half-day program (3 hours each day) that runs two days per week. The program will follow a similar schedule to the school calendar from September to June. However, it begins the second full week of regular BCS classes and ends the first week in June. The program will focus on developmentally appropriate activities, using play as a constructive way of encouraging active learning, promoting positive socialization with other children, and preparing children for Senior Kindergarten.

Program Goals

The Junior Kindergarten Program will help each student:

  • Develop positive attitudes about themselves, their family and friends by discovering and learning more about the gifts, talents and abilities that God has provided.
  • Increase the knowledge and practice of Christian actions towards others such as taking turns, listening, helping, waiting, caring, sharing, loving and thanking others.
  • Increase appreciation and celebration of God’s love and goodness through Scripture, music and prayer.

Entrance Requirements

All Junior Kindergarten Students are required to complete and follow the BCS General Application Process, including an interview and observation.

Specific Requirements For Junior Kindergarten;

  • Junior Kindergarten is for students who have turned 4 by December 31 of the year they will be enrolled for Junior Kindergarten programs.
  • Junior Kindergarten Students must be able to use washroom facilities independently.
  • It is also important that students can separate from their parent / caregiver without excessive anxiety.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Team.

English As A Second Language (ESL)

BCS Elementary - Junior Kindergarten requires that a registering student must be able to understand / communicate effectively in spoken English in order to be successful in the program.

Parents also need to be able to communicate effectively in English with BCS Staff.