Get Involved

Just do it, no excuses.

Get involved at your church.  Get involved in your neighbourhood.  Make a difference everywhere you are.  That's the authentic discipleship in action we're talking about.  That's the call Christ extends to all of us.  Our world needs history-making-world-changers, and we want to invite you to join us in becoming one.  There's nothing stopping you!  Make a difference with wreckless abandon and see what happens, I dare you!

Marv Penner

Dean of Discipleship


Want to get involved in Discipleship-Based Education at Bearspaw Christian School?

Join Our Team... We're always looking for individuals with a passion for Christ and students to join our team.  Check out our employment opportunities (in our site-links) to see what's available!

Volunteer in Discipleship Activities... Drop us an e-mail at and let us know, we'd love to hear from you!