Financial Information

Financial Information


Keeping BCS Affordable & Private

Not only is Bearspaw Christian School one of Alberta's Top Private Christian Schools, it is also one of the most affordable.  BCS relies on four important tools to help keep tuition rates down;

God has blessed many people financially and these people in turn provide financial support to Bearspaw Christian School through tax-receipted donations.

Like many other Private Schools, Bearspaw Christian School collects a $5,000 fully refundable interest-free capital bond as part of its admissions process.  This money is used to support the creation of buildings and purchasing of capital needs.

Bearspaw Christian School employs a team of development staff that focus on generating revenue through donations and business initiatives in order to fund education.

Bearspaw Christian School1, generates significant revenue through facility rentals, summer camps, concessions, sponsorship, advertising, and other initiatives designed to augment the funding to education.

1 Through its Development Corporation, a separate legal entity.

Tuition & Fees - 2017/2018

Download Detailed Tuition Information 2017-2018

Junior Kindergarten $2,358
Senior Kindergarten $1,882
Grade 1 - 5 $6,560
Grade 6 $6,800
Grade 7 - 9 $6,818
Grade 10 $7,457
Grade 11 $8,757
Grade 12 $7,707
Family Maximum 3 students * $16,032
Family Maximum 4 students * $16,532
Family Maximum 5 students* $17,032

*Does Not Include Jr. Kindergarten

Please see DETAILED TUITION INFORMATION for full tuition / fees.

Download Detailed Tuition Information 2016/2017

Junior Kindergarten $2,292
Senior Kindergarten $1,835
Grade 1 - 5 $6,380
Grade 6 $6,620
Grade 7 - 9 $6,630
Grade 10 $7,250
Grade 11 $8,550
Grade 12 $7,500
Family Maximum* $15,565

*Does Not Include Jr. Kindergarten

Additional Fees apply on top of tuition listed above, fees vary for each grade.  Please see DETAILED TUITION INFORMATION for full tuition / fees.

Refundable Capital Bond

Starting Fall 2014, a $5,000 Refundable Capital Bond will be required for each new family with a student starting in Grade 1 or higher.  This is a non-interest bearing, one-time payment for enrollment into BCS.  This program will apply to new families (Gr. 1-12) that join Bearspaw Christian School starting Fall 2014.  The $5,000 deposit will be refunded after the student graduates or withdraws from the school.  It may be redeemed, upon written request, if a student is not returning for the following school year. 

The Refundable Capital Bond payment is required at the time of acceptance.  We ask that a separate cheque be made payable to Bearspaw Christian School in the amount of $5,000.

The Refundable Capital Bond Program has been initiated by the Board of Trustees to keep tuition rates down while addressing the costs associated with the capital programmes of Bearspaw Christian School.  It is secured against the physical assets of the school.


Provide the $5,000 from a Family's Available Funds. Refunded At Graduation / Withdrawal.


Provide the $5,000 to Bearspaw Christian School through the RBC Loan Program. Refunded At Graduation / Withdrawal.


Provide a $5,000 donation to Bearspaw Chrsitian School and receive a tax-receipt resulting in a $2,500 refund from the Canada Revenue Agency. Gift To The School (Not Refunded).

Important Note: Families on the Tuition Assistance Program that do not qualify for the RBC Loan Program may have their Bond waived on a case-by-case basis.