The Family

The Family

Our team of writers are currently working on articulating this incredibly important part of what makes Bearspaw Christian School the place where history-making-world-changers are made! Stay Tuned.  In the meantime we want to share a tought about the role of the family in discipleship...

A thought from Marv...

Maybe ”Christ-follower” isn’t the best way to describe a disciple.

I’m always astounded (and a little disappointed in myself) when I realize how easy it is to miss the obvious teaching of the Scripture. Just recently, I've stumbled onto one of those “obvious” truths that have been right there in the Gospels for the last 2000 years, and I've missed it until now. As someone who cares deeply about the spiritual well-being of young people, it's something I want to think about a lot more, and if you're a parent, teacher, coach, or anyone else who cares about the hearts of children and teenagers, you'll want to think about it some more as well.

When Jesus began his earthly ministry, he invited a group of people into a once-in-a-lifetime community experience with the familiar words "Follow me." The twelve couldn't have imagined the adventures that would come with obedience to those two simple words… just like none of us could've imagined what following Him would mean for us.

But have you ever noticed that as Jesus approached the end of his time with his disciples His focus changed from "follow me" to "abide in me" or as some translations put it, "remain in me." (John 15) Herein lies the challenge for us as disciple makers. We begin our work by inviting people to follow Jesus. As parents, we know no greater joy than when our children choose to follow Him. Their spiritual journey has begun. The greater challenge for us is to find ways to effectively invite our sons and daughters to "remain” in Him.

In the most recent research that has been done on the spiritual lives of young adults in Canada, one of the strongest predictors of those who remain faithful is for them to have grown up in the presence of parents whose faith is vibrant, visible, authentic, and consistent. When they see "abiding” modeled for them, it is easier for them to pursue a lifetime of remaining strong in their faith, nourished as branches are by the vine they are connected to, and producing the fruit that is promised to those who are committed to long-term faithfulness. Are we living as “Christ-abiders” demonstrating to our children what that looks like in practical terms? At BCS we are committed to providing discipleship-based education that invites your sons and daughters to follow Jesus, and then to learn to abide in Him. Thank-you so much for allowing us to join with your family in this!


Marv Penner

Dean of Discipleship

Bearspaw Christian School