Running a Christian School well is hard.  Fundamentally we are a school, using Government Curriculum, producing graduates.  Traditionally Christian Schools have been in one of two camps, either so focused on 'discipleship' (however they define it) that academics suffers, or so focused on 'academics' that they're just Christian Schools by name.  BCS doesn't think you should have to choose between Discipleship and Academics.  We believe they are mutually inclusive.  Disciples are committed to Christ-like excellence in EVERYTHING they do (this includes academics).

This is a tall order, and we certainly don't have it all figured out - but we recognize our role and are changing the way we do things to ensure that when students walk across the graudation stage that they know Christ personally.

Our Disclosure

Every story has a past, a present and a future - here's our story at Bearspaw Christian School.  

The Past - God's Favour

Bearspaw Christian School's past is covered by God’s favour, in spite of our regrettable blunders along the way - our history as a Christian School includes unusual experiences of God’s favour, and a bunch of lessons learned the hard way.  It hasn't been smooth sailing.

The Present - God's Blessing

The present is where the lessons from the past and the dreams for the future collide.  They live in tension.  Our desire and experience at Bearspaw Christian School represents a direction towards the vision God has given us for the future.  God continues to pour out His blessing on this organization, as we continue to experience His hand at work creating History-Making-World-Changers.

The Future - God's Direction

The future is our best understanding of what it is God is calling us to.  God is bigger than we are, as a result our understanding of what it is He is calling us to is going to grow, evolve and change as we get clarity on this. We are so grateful for God's Direction.  We're not pretending that our story is finished.  It's not done, it's not figured out.  However, Bearspaw Christian School isn't sitting still - there is messiness in moving forward.  

The reality is that the world around us changes minute-by-minute.  Changing family needs, changing realities for the generations we serve.  We'll never fully arrive at our destination.  Moving toward what God is calling us to, while remaining culturally and theologically relevant is more art than science.  IT'S RESPONSIVE.  It involves listening to the generation we serve.  It will by definition be messy.  We won't exactly get it right for everybody.  This isn't an excuse, we're embracing this.  We find it exciting.  It means we have to stay light on our feet, and open to appropriate change as we move forward.

There is a lot of change out there, but what won't change at Bearspaw Christian School is our "unshakable" commitment to being biblically rooted.  What will change is the way we live out these principles on a daily basis.

Blah, Blah, Blah... (Note on Christian Language)

You’ve heard it before.  The vocabulary of Christianity is among the most baggage laden.  This is not unique to Christianity, it’s true in other contexts too.  

Jesus faced the same challenge that we face, in trying to declare a new way of looking at old subjects.  The rich tradition of God’s people had produced a whole set of preconceived notions of familiar language, that just wasn’t adequate to communicate what Jesus meant when he used those words.  In the scriptures we often hear Jesus saying “you have heard it said - but I say.”  Similarly, the language of discipleship is laden with preconceived notions.

One of the acknowledged handicaps of our story is that we are using language that has all sorts of baggage with it.  

Throughout our story we will attempt to define our understanding of these familiar words.  Our challenge is not unlike that of Jesus trying to teach spiritual truth in the context of thousands of years of language and Jewish history.  Jesus took language from it’s lethargic settled position, kicked it up a notch by saying “you have heard it said - but I say.”  The same could be said when we use words like Grace / Authenticity / Student Leadership - these are all vulnerable to being under interpreted.  Don’t fall into the trap of assuming the lowest common denominator on preconceived ideas people have about these words.

When we say things, we envision the words in their truest most embodied, biblical form as Christ would have understood them, or would have intended them to be understood.  How do you know if your definition has achieved this level - it’s crazy counter-culture, counter-intuitive, incredibly demanding - if you’re there you probably understand what we’re talking about.

This is why BCS uses extreme language, it’s meant to be provocative because we have to wake-up.

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