The Church

The Church

Our team of writers are currently working on articulating this incredibly important part of what makes Bearspaw Christian School the place where history-making-world-changers are made! Stay Tuned.  In the meantime we want to share a tought about how we're partnering with your church...

Partnering with your local church...

We recently invited youth pastors from a number of churches attended by BCS families to join us for lunch here on the campus so we could explore ways to work more closely together.  There is always the danger of overlap and the last thing we want to do as a school is to compete with your church.  Several significant outcomes of this meeting have already been implemented. We are strongly encouraging students who are looking for a context in which to do their "service hours" to look to their local church first. We also encouraged church leaders to provide mentoring for those students seeking to serve under their leadership. Furthermore, we have invited the youth pastors of the community to feel an enormous freedom to come to the campus to meet with their students, to participate in Encounter, and to be part of the discipleship emphasis here at BCS. We look forward to these partnerships becoming even stronger in the years ahead. Imagine the home, the church, and the school working in harmony for the spiritual well-being of the next generation! How cool could that be?

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Marv Penner

Dean of Discipleship

Bearspaw Christian School