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My BCS Story

My BCS Story features students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff members sharing how Bearspaw Christian School is making a difference in their lives.  Do you have a story you would like to share?  Let us know at markcomms@bearspawschool.com.

BCS Student - "A Different Kind Of Teacher"

"BCS Teachers seem like real people that I can actually connect with.  It's amazing to feel like my teachers are personally invested in me and my  spiritual development!"

- Current BCS Student (2015/2016)

Michelle - "Teachers / Staff That Serve Parents"

“I want to express how appreciative I am for the way our teachers and staff serve the parent community, whether it’s standing in the parking lot or helping supervise kids on the playground, their efforts make our school so organized during the morning and afternoon.  It is just amazing, and I’m proud to be a parent at a school like this!”

- Michelle, BCS Parent

Marie - "Thriving Academically, Socially and Spiritually"

"We are so blessed and thankful that our boys have been able to attend Bearspaw Christian School.  The love and care for our whole family from all the teachers and staff is so precious and such a picture of what it is to be part of the body of Christ.  This past year we have been going through several trials and in the midst of it all, the relationships we have at Bearspaw Christian School with the teachers and staff and other parents was used by the Lord to really keep us, encourage us, and lift us up.  We have known Christ's love in action here in precious and powerful ways.  We have been prayed over at the playground and encouraged and loved on at the Front Office.  Our boys have thrived academically, socially and spiritually at Bearspaw Christian School.  They feel safe and loved here.  We treasure the partnership that Bearspaw Christian School has with our family.  The teachers take time to know our children as individuals and help them be all that God has called them to be by teaching them, praying for them, encouraging them and giving us tools to help them at home as parents.  We definitely highly recommend Bearspaw Christian School to others who want their children to receive Christ-Centered Education."

- Marie LeBlanc, BCS Parent

Jocelyn - "Deep Understanding and Mentoring"

"Over the past four years that our children have attended Bearspaw Christian School we have found the academic focus has pushed our children to do their best in all subjects.  BCS' Teachers have provided them with deep understanding of the subject matter, support and mentorship.  It is great to have all of this within a Christian environment!"

- Jocelyn Freeman, BCS Parent

Mitch & Amie - "Where We Want Our Kids To Be!"

"We are grateful for the daily spiritual input and teaching our children receive as they continue to follow God's ways and to grow in their faith.  Bearspaw Christian School is where we want our kids to be!"

- Mitch & Amie Lee, BCS Parents

Jacquie - "Teaching Same Values As At Home"

"We are a New Family to Bearspaw Christian School, and our experience has been positive and encouraging.  The school really encourages attributes of integrity, commitment, respect, and service to others before self.  My children are challenged academically and are taught the same values as we hold in our home.  BCS Teachers are very involved in creating a solid spiritual foundation and are committed to bringing out the best in each student.  We have met and connected with many fantastic BCS Families.  Our family is blessed to be a part of Bearspaw Christian School and would readily recommend the school to new potential families."

- Jacquie Stefanowski, BCS Parent

Nicole - "BCS Is Our Extended Family"

"Bearspaw Christian School has been an absolute answer to prayer. We and our two children feel loved and accepted at this wonderful school by teachers, support staff, and other families. It's really become an extended family to us. We feel confident each day we send our kids to school that they will learn and grow academically,  be safe,  and most importantly learn the word of God. We would whole heartedly recommend this school for anyone seeking a school where relationship with Jesus Christ is nurtured and encouraged by both staff and other families."

- Nicole Kirkham, BCS Parent

Pam - "Thank You Staff"

"Dear BCS Staff, thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do to make Bearspaw Christian School a warm & nurturing environment for our children to learn & grow!  Each person, whether you're in the classroom or not, has an impact in our children's precious lives.  God bless you for your care! As Parents, we appreciate it!"

- Pam, BCS Parent

Brian & Diane - "Hard To Say Goodbye"


"The time has come to say our farewells after being blessed by the amazing Bearspaw Christian School Community for seven years.

We arrived at BCS in September 2007.  We were trusting our faithful God, who lead us to this new school, for our children's education.  We had no idea what was in store for our children or our family.  As the months and years passed by, we soon realized the blessing that our new school had become.  Our children were well cared for and well taught.  The accountability between school and our home was so appreciated.  Our Saviour was evident in the halls and in the classrooms.  Most importantly, our children learned more about their Saviour along with their classmates and that was invaluable.

Our experience has been truly amazing in every way.  We have been blessed to call BCS home for the duration of our children's education.

You ALL will forever be in our hearts and in our prayers.  Thank you for helping us to "grow up" our children.

In Jesus' love,

Brian & Diane

Harry & Brenda - "Left An Imprint On Our Family"


"As with most parents, the decision on where to send our children to school was one that we thought long and hard about. The choice of Christian based education that supported our faith at home brought Bearspaw Christian School into our lives. While attending BCS, we have enjoyed watching our two children grow and develop both academically and spiritually.

From our early years at Bearspaw we quickly saw how the teacher’s joined with the family and took a personal interest in the gifts and abilities of each student. Being aware of struggles, knowing when to take students aside and pray with them and their eagerness to help individuals meet and exceed their abilities is a trademark of our teachers.

As the years progressed, our two children have had the opportunity to serve in areas of worship, athletics and missions while striving towards Christ-like character and academic excellence. When given the opportunity to choose public school in their high school years, both of our children have strongly felt the desire to return to BCS year after year.

Our personal involvement as parents has given us many opportunities to serve the school, whether through helping out in a classroom, working on community building events or serving on the Board of Trustees. Lasting friendships have developed from being actively involved and so not only have our children benefited from attending, but we have been blessed in return.

The quiet setting on the edge of the city adds a peaceful dimension to the property. It will be exciting to see the continued expansion of the city and our school in the years to come under the direction of some very dedicated administration with a vision that will continue to shine a bright light in the community surrounding us.

Bearspaw Christian School has left an imprint on our family that will stay with us for years to come.”

-Harry & Brenda