The BCS Difference

The BCS Difference

Why does Christian Education need to change?

All too often Christian Schools seem comfortable focusing primarily on developing academic skills, while doing so in a ‘safe, moral, ethical and too often rules based climate.’  Bearspaw Christian School is rising to this challenge, saying that the way we do Christian Education needs to change and the time is now. 

This is an unprecedented moment in time for our nation as global leadership moves through the most significant generational change in history.  There is a growing body of research (outlined in the executive summary) to suggest that North America is falling behind when it comes to spiritual growth and education.

Statistically speaking, 27% of the World’s population (1.84B) is under the age of 14, and 94.5% of these young people live outside of North America.  Presently, there are 115 Countries in the world (58.7%) where more than a quarter of their population is under the age of 14, however, not a single one of these “Youth Dominated Nations” holds a Non-Religious belief system.  When we consider that India has more honour students than the US has students, it is very clear that education and religion are going to become two of the most significant issues for the world in the coming years.

When it comes to meeting the needs of the emerging generation, it is clear that it will take a collaborative network of strategic partners (the family, local church and schools) working together towards common goals.  Bearspaw Christian School’s success to date has been largely due to the fact that we are working within a broader network of thought leaders to impact generations.  In response to the growing needs of this emerging generation, Bearspaw Christian School is acting as a catalyst to bring together some of the key thought leaders in Canada to help develop discipleship-based education that meets a diverse range of future needs for our Country.

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What's different about the way we do things?

The world is a rapidly changing place, not the predictable safe place it once was.  At the same time, the world has never been more open to people committed and equipped to expanding God's work.  Our kids need preparation not protection.  Our kids need to be taught how to think, not what to think.  Our kids need to learn to ask the right questions, not memorize the right answers.  Christian education needs to change.

Bearspaw Christian School is all about Changing The World.  We want to graduate history-making-world-changers.  Today's student wants real relationship with Christ.  In unprecedented numbers they're rejecting lukewarm North-American Christianity, demanding faith authenticity.

What our students need is genuine discipleship.  We couldn't find what we were looking for, so we hired one of North America's leading experts in youth spiritual development to build our discipleship program... from scratch.  It's grade-specific, integrated in every subject, versions for parents and churches; bottom-line, real discipleship equals a changed life.

As we partner with parents, academically and spiritually developing their children, we are experiencing phenomenal growth from Kindergarten through to High School.  The engine driving this explosion is word of mouth referrals from our parents to their close friends.  We added over 170 new students this past year!

We operate a system featuring, personal academic excellence, authentic discipleship, and teaching excellence within a solid business and financial structure.  

Bearspaw Christian School intends to thrive and grow into the future.

We help students achieve personal academic excellence...

Bearspaw Christian School believes that every student is capable of personal academic excellence, because following Christ transforms us and requires us to stive towards excellence, in everything we do.  We challenge the C student to become a B student, and the A student to become an A+.  We share our experiences so that they can learn from them.  Great schools don't limit enrollment to just the gifted.  Great schools take regular kids and create exceptional students.

Exceptional student performance happens when teachers break away from typical attitudes.  Our success formula views Alberta Curriculum as a starting point to build from and believes in the importance of homework and hard work.  This advantages students for today's working realities, and post-secondary education.  Strong teachers join our team.

We have fantastic schools...

Bearspaw Christian School's Elementary School is busting at the seams!  We believe in the importance of investing heavily in students right from the beginning, our Elementary Team is no exception.  With some of our most experienced teaching staff, a high calibre resource team, and intentional opportunities for families to be a part of this vibrant community - BCS Elementary is the place to be!

Walk the halls anyday and you'll see students at their best.  Our Elementary Teachers know how to build personal relationships with each child, helping them learn all about the world around them while building a strong foundation of core learning competencies.  Instilling a passion for Jesus and a desire to know Him and the world He created gives BCS Elementary Students a firm foundation for whatever their future holds. 

Overall in Alberta, Bearspaw Christian School's Elementary consistently performs at a high-level.

10 Year Average = 92 Percentile (All Schools in Alberta, Public and Private)

Learn more about Bearspaw Christian School's Academic Performance - check out the Fraser Report:

How Does Your School Compare?

Academics is one part of our success story, but more importantly at the heart of our story is an unwaivering committment towards discipleship-based education and vibrant community.  BCS' Elementary School is giving students opportunities to authentically grow in their faith.  We're not afraid to ask tough questions and provide an environment where we prepare students for the realities they face in the real world.  This can only happen in a safe and caring community environment built between the teacher, the parents, and the local church.

BCS Elementary - Starting Things Off Right!

Bearspaw Christian School's Secondary School is where faith get put into action.  We believe that fundamentally when we put Christ first in everything we do, personal excellence always follows.  If you are looking for a Secondary School to shelter you from the realities of the world, you're not going to find it at BCS Secondary!  We are preparing students to thrive academically, spiritually and relationally so that when they graduate they leave our school as History-Making-World-Changers.

Discipleship is at the core of everything we do at BCS Secondary.  Our students play and active role in leading ministries at the school.  Our teachers hold our students to some of the highest academic standards in the Province, but they also hold our students to equally high standards in their faith.  This only happens through relationship and vibrant community.

If you're looking for an outstanding school to equip you for your career - you'll find it at BCS Secondary.

10 Year Average = 96 Percentile (All Schools in Alberta, Public and Private)

Learn more about Bearspaw Christian School's Academic Performance - check out the Fraser Report:

How Does Your School Compare?

Walk the halls of BCS Secondary, and you'll see a Christian School like you've never seen before.  We're getting serious about spiritual growth, bible classes and chapel can only ever be a starting point.  Our graduates are leaving to go out and enter all walks of life, not only highly equipped to excel in their careers, but more importantly grounded firmly in their faith ready to give an answer for what they believe.  Academic success is important, but let's face it if a graduate leaves BCS Secondary without a personal relationship with Christ - we've failed them.  We're serious about personal excellence in every area.

BCS Secondary - Become A History-Making-World-Changer!