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Frequently Asked Questions


Have General Questions About Bearspaw Christian School?  Check out the BCS Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you need to be a Christian to come to BCS?

Yes, we ask that at least one parent has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The reason why is because BCS is intentional about partnering with the family to disciple this generation.  In order to fully partner with families we need to be on the same page spiritually.

Are BCS' Teachers Christians?

Teaching at a private school is a choice our teachers make.  As part of that choice, all BCS Staff (not just teachers) demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and must subscribe to the Statement of Faith of the Bearspaw Christian School Society while they are employees of the school.

Does BCS use Alberta Education Curriculum?

Yes, Bearspaw Christian School teaches the essential concepts and skills required by Alberta Education.  We are recognized by Alberta Education as an Accredited Private School.  Our graduating students receive an Alberta Education Diploma.

How does BCS integrate Christian faith into the curriculum?

Bearspaw Christian School is implementing a Discipleship-Based Education Model that's so much more than just curriculum, it's totally changing the way we function as a Christian School.  This goes way beyond just "bolting-on" a bible class, and asking our teachers to try to "teach from a Christian perspective."   We're answering the deepest questions students are asking today, through a systematic age-appropriate approach.  

This isn't your typical Christian School... we're changing the way we "do" Christian Education, raising the bar to a whole new level.

What does it cost to attend BCS?

Not only is Bearspaw Christian School one of Alberta's Top Private Christian Schools, it is also one of the most affordable.  Learn more about Bearspaw Christian School's Tuition / Fees from the "Financial Information" webpages.

Are there membership or registration fees for new families?

Membership Fees

Every parent who has a student enrolled at Bearspaw Christian School automatically becomes a member of the Bearspaw Christian School Society.  The Board of Trustees has currently set the membership fee for the society at $0.00.  However, this is subject to change in the future at the Board’s discretion.

Capital Bond

Yes, there is a $5,000 Refundable Capital Bond required for all new families.  The bond is refundable and will be returned at the time your last student completes Grade 12 or withdraws.  We do not pay interest on the bond.

New families are required to pay a non-refundable Administration Fee as part of the admissions process.  Learn more about Bearspaw Christian School's application process from the "How Do I Apply" webpages.

Does BCS offer child care outside of standard school hours?

Out of School Care Program (OSC)

Yes, Bearspaw Christian School has a licensed, accredited Out of School Care (OSC) Program with after-school workshop options.  The OSC Program is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays.  Learn more about Bearspaw Christian School's OSC Program from the "Out of "Out of School Care" webpages.


What are the ages / cut-off dates for admission into JK / SK?

Bearspaw Christian School accepts Junior / Senior Kindergarten students once they meet the following ages / cut-off dates, and receive a positive readiness assessment during an observation day which will be scheduled prior to admission;

Junior Kindergarten

Must be 4 by December 31

Senior Kindergarten

Must be 5 by December 31


What are BCS' expectations around volunteering?

Learn more about Bearspaw Christian School's Volunteering Expectations by visiting the "Volunteering Information & Expectations" webpages.

Does BCS provide a bus service?

Yes BCS has a busing program for more information email